2022 Membership Holy Grail #3

2022 Membership Holy Grail #3

House of Diecast Cars


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The third year of Holy Grail Membership! You will receive in no specific order:

  • Hot Wheels Toy Fair Exclusive
  • Super Treasure Hunt Silverado
  • RLC Pink Batmobile
  • RLC Vintage Racing Datsun 510
  • RLC Japan Convention Mooneyes 510
  • RLC Real Riders Series 11 Nova Gasser
  • Hot Wheels Pink Party Car
  • RLC Gulf 917k Porsche
  • 33rd Hot Wheels Convention Yellow Skyline
  • 29th Collectors Convention VW Kombi
  • 31st Convention Datsun 510
  • 30th Annual Convention 1967 Camaro Gold

You will also get 25% off all purchases until December 31st 2022. First car will ship January 31st 2022.