2023 12 Days of Christmas Gold

2023 12 Days of Christmas Gold

House of Diecast Cars


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Want to get a box of cool cars, labeled from December 13th - December 25th, opening 1 each day? Box ships December 21st

The 12 cars included in this box are

  • Ultra Red Chase Car
  • 2023 Super Treasure Hunt
  • White Lightning Chase Car
  • M2 Chase Car 
  • Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive Paul George/Nike Circle Tracker
  • Purple Nissan Skyline Membership
  • Datsun Gold Spectraflame 510 RLC
  • 20th Nationals Convention Datsun 510
  • Hot Wheels RLC Special Edition '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone RED
  • Limited To 4000 Hotwheels RlC 4x4 Hot Wheels Real Riders 83 Chevy Silverado
  • RLC Candy Striper VW Drag Bus
  • RLC Pink Party Car