2023 Holy Grail Squarebody Membership - Only 5 available

2023 Holy Grail Squarebody Membership - Only 5 available

House of Diecast Cars


12 Trucks, beginning January 2022. The trucks you will receive in no specific order are :


1. Super Treasure Hunt Silverado

2. Valentines Day Silverado

3. Modern Classics Silverado

4. Borla Silverado

5. Hot Wheels 18th Annual Convention Silverado

6. 21st Collectors National 4x4 Silverado

7. Hot Ones 83 Silverado

8. Legends 1983 Silverado

9. Hot Wheels Racing 4x4 Off Road Silverado

10. Vegas Convention Silverado

11. Edlebrock Sweet Rides Silverado

12. 2016 Hot Wheels Nationals Silverado 4x4


Every VIP Member will also get 25% off ALL purchases beginning the date of your purchase until December 31, 2022. You will also have access to the VIP ONLY site which is ONLY accessible by VIP members. This site will be live January 1, 2022.

All cars ship the very last day of each month. There may be months were a delivery is skipped which will be doubled up on the following month.