The Ultimate Club Member Gold Card Elite Club 2025

The Ultimate Club Member Gold Card Elite Club 2025 SALE
The Ultimate Club Member Gold Card Elite Club 2025 SALE

House of Diecast Cars

$750.00 $1,000.00

In 2025, the website is going to be closed to the public for good and only available to YOU. The only way you will have access to what we like to call the Ultimate Diecast Speakeasy is buy having this membership.

If you are an existing Good Card Holder, your discount will move to 60% until December 31, 2025 once this is purchased.

You are allowed to purchase up to 3 Memberships Per Person

This will be the most intense membership card we have ever offered. You will get the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Gold Membership Card
  • 1 of 100 Exclusive Premium Gold 1983 Silverado by Black Crowe
  • Choice of 3 2026 Fantastic 4 Memberships
  • Exclusive 50% Off all on site convention merchandise to include any exclusive drops
  • (1) Exclusive Conference Call with HOC leadership and a celebrity guest
  • Immediate 60% Off Discount to use on the site. Active within 72 hours but can not be used on additional Gold Cards in the event they are still available.
  • Special Las Vegas Super Convention Diecast Party only Gold Card Members can attend with exclusive manufactured Gold Members only piece
  • Exclusive 2 hour email notification of when items are on sale
  • (1) Factory Sealed Case of Basic Hot Wheels every 4 months
  • 50% Off ALL Special Event and Convention Tickets - NEW
  • First In Line for ALL Drops at Live Events - NEW
  • Password Protected Site to Order From - NEW
  • Virtual Convention Live Group where if you can not attend an event or convention you can watch from home or or work! - NEW
  • Special Elite Club T-shirt - NEW
  • Special Elite Club 6 Car Event Set - NEW
  • Dedicated Text and Phone Line for Easy Answers to questions